What is your current position at the Faculty?

I work at the Institute of Preventive Medicine as a scientist and as a teacher.

What attracted you to study medicine?

My decision on where to go after high school was difficult. I have always enjoyed not only biology, chemistry, but also mathematics and economics. I was thinking about a number of very different schools. But what ultimately decided was my search for meaning. The fact, that I consider our health to be the greatest value in life. The possibility of influencing health, preventing diseases, death. That brought me to the medical school.

How long have you been working at the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové?

I graduated in 2018. After a short turn to management consulting, I joined FM HK in the first half of 2019. So it has been 2 years.

Is there any significant moment related to your work at the faculty that you can recall?

There are certainly many important moments. I am lucky to be one of the people who really enjoy their work. I can say that I look forward to what next week, next month, next year will bring.

I probably rank the moments related to our research to the most important ones. Me and my colleagues have been working on how to slow down, stop or even reverse the process of aging. I am very pleased with our international cooperation with leading scientists from the United States or the United Kingdom. For example, I consider the study of the effect of blood plasma donation on the biological age of humans or, for example, our already published work on the epigenetic age of patients with psoriasis to be important.

What have you recently been involved in the most?

Recently, I’ve been busy with research and COVID-19. The number of projects that propel me to further work has been constantly increasing, the pandemic is not ceasing and a day has 24 hours only.

Will you let us know your hobbies and how do you relax in your leasure time?

My hobby is my varied work. When I really want to relax, I usually break loose to sports or lie down with netflix. I go jogging. I play golf. I like skiing, surfing. I enjoy all team sports.

What would you pass forward to the graduates of FM HK, your former students?

I would like to tell the graduates to go after what they enjoy, what fulfills them. The world changes rapidly and offers endless possibilities. Look for your own path, although it may be be winding. As it is yours, it is always right.