What is your current position at the Faculty? 

Assistant Professor at the Department of Pathological Physiology

What attracts you to the field of Pathological Physiology?

Pathological physiology is a field that explains the cause and process of the disease. I enjoy the complexity of the field. Every day there is something to discover and learn new things.

How long have you been working at the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové?

I have been working at the Faculty of Medicine since October 1999.

What has changed during your time at the faculty?

Everything changes, mainly students, only we stay and our nice building of the theoretical departments.

What significant moment related to your work at the faculty can you recall?

Reflecting the recent days, this is certainly a period of COVID. Everything is different from day to another and the only certainty is that it must end one day. Our faculty of medicine is the other certainty of ours.

What have you recently been involved in the most?

At present, I am mainly envolved in teaching pathological physiology in the masters and dentistry programmes. I also perform research activities in the field of neurophysiology. The research of our laboratory is focused on the evaluation of visually induced potentials and cognitive brain potentials. It is not a basic research issue only, but also its clinical application.

How do you spend your leisure time and how do you relax?

I like staying with my family and friends. I like hiking in the mountains and taking photographs of wildlife and inanimate beauties of nature. A good book is also a good relaxation for me. I like detective stories or historical novels most.

What would you pass forward to the graduates of FM HK, your former students?

Life can be beautiful, it’s right up to us how we live it. Try to enjoy every moment. If you ever recall Hradec Králové, recall your alma mater too :-).