Graduation year: 1975 

Field: Faculty of Pharmacy and lecturing at FM HK

Current position: Head of research ELLA-CS and CEO ELLA-CS, CV see

How did your career develop after graduating from FM HK?

I joined the Department of Radiobiology at FM ChU under the leadership of Prof. Vodička and at the same time I gradually moved to the Department of Biophysics at FM ChU under the same leadership, later headed by Prof. Stránský. I took over the Department of the Experimental and Clinical Radiobiology and Radioisotope Utilization at FM ChU. After 1990 I was working externally for the Faculty.

What comes up in your mind when you say the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové?

An extremely demanding team that did not falter even in times of the greatest pressure for professional demands on students.

What experience associated with studying at the faculty do you remember the most?

Final lectures by Prof. Steinhart. Christmas parties, as we were meeting across departments. Skiing down all the floors of the FM on old skis was the greatest adventure …

What do you consider to be the greatest success in your career so far?  

Introduction of co-developed implants into worldwide treatment: the Biodegradable Stent and Danis´s  Stent to stop recurrent esophageal bleeding.

What hobbies are you into in your free time?

woodwork of all kinds, but somehow, free time seems to be missing…