Graduation Year: 2009

Field: General Medicine

Current position: Deputy Head for Training, Department of Intensive Care, Department of Cardiology, IKEM

How did your career develop after graduating from FM HK?

Right after graduation, I joined the IKEM Cardiology Clinic, like any young doctor, I had to get through a painful postgraduate education, 6 years later I succeeded in my credentialing in the field of cardiology, and subsequently also completed my Ph.D. studies. In the years 2012-2016, I was lucky enough to lead a platform of young cardiologists in the Czech Republic (Cardio 35). Last year, I fulfilled another dream of mine which was to experience work abroad. I spent 15 months in Intensive Care Unit at Royal Brompton Hospital, actually this was at the Anesthesiology Department of Chelsea and Westminster in London.

What comes up in your mind when you say the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové?

My Alma Mater, a university that has given me a lot and I owe a lot to. I spent 6 wonderful years in HK, learnt a lot, found many close friends or mentors. I have passion for HK and it will remain forever.

What experience associated with studying at the faculty do you remember the most?

I probably think of 3 key moments: 1) Successful passing of the anatomy exam, the scarecrow of all medics, which poured so much blood into my veins that I convinced myself that I would just successfully complete my studies of medicine. 2) The day I found I went through the screen of interviews for a study stay at the Mayo Clinic, where I spent my summer holidays twice in the end, it incredibly broadened my horizons and experience, I would recommend this to every medical student in HK. 3) The day when I successfully passed my last state exam in the 6th year, I went out of  the Pediatric Clinic of the University Hospital HK, and shouted jooo :).

What do you consider to be the greatest success in your career so far?

The fact that after years of practice in the Czech Republic, and after foreign experience, perhaps I became a good doctor. Medicine is not only about knowledge and clinical experience, but also about human approach and a grain of salt. Titles ahead or behind your name will not make you happy, it is enough for me that the work makes sense, that our efforts lead somewhere, and that our patients are satisfied.

What hobbies are you into in your free time?

I play sports almost daily, whether it is running, biking or chasing a round nonsense (playing football). I am also addicted to traveling, discovering new places, people and cultures. That is why I am glad that I was lucky enough to establish the Czech Heart Endowment Fund together with my colleagues, the fund helps the diagnostics and treatment of congenital or captured heart diseases in the third world countries. During 10 missions of ours, that lead to African countries or Nepal, we always echocardiographically examine the local population in the first week, and in the second we get to know the beauties of the local country.